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we're stopping the cookie cutter bull$hit

you're paving your own way in your business

you deserve a brand that serves that same level of energy

You’re multi-passionate AF and you want to show up as ALL of you in your business. You want to do the podcast, write the blog, have the shop, sell the courses, AND be the service provider. You don’t want to pick just one. AND YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO

You have a solid business and you have seen so much success, but you rebrand your website every time a new trend comes out because nothing has felt fully aligned with your vision yet.

You don’t feel fully consistent in your messaging every place you show up. You know who you are, what you do and who you serve, but your website, graphics, and branding are not a reflection of it.

You feel like you don’t stand out enough amongst the crowd and you really want a space that gives you the confidence to show up as the CEO you know you are.

sound familiar?

Brooke is a true GEM. Brooke blew my expectations away by making the process smooth, easy-going, and fun! The end result was more than I could've imagined - my website completely matches my personality, it's fun and interactive, and makes it stand out from other eCommerce retail sites. I would highly recommend Brooke for all your website design and branding needs!


what if you could have a space online that looks like no other?

something that makes you stand out from the crowd...
something that is custom built/tailor made just for you...

something that is...



the bespoke design experience

3 Strategy Sessions

what comes with it...

We of course will have feedback calls mixed in as well, but these 3 strategy sessions are meant to level up your business. We start with a detailed brand strategy session, then a web strategy session, then a website launch strategy session. I'm with you until the end ensuring we are creating not just a brand but an EXPERIENCE for your business.

Custom Brand Identity

In depth brand strategy session,  custom logo suite ( primary, secondary and submark), custom font suite, custom color palette, brand elements, brand kit pdf

Custom Copy

In collaboration with an incredible copy writer, you will get an expert writing copy that converts for your website! This copy paired with my strategic and mindful design IS the secret sauce!

8+ Page Custom Built Website

Home Page, About Page, Services Page, 1-2 Sales Pages (Long Form) Contact Page, Podcast/Blog Pages, Shop/Product Pages

Training & Support:

As the project comes to a close, we will hop onto a final call where we will firstly, CELEBRATE, and secondly, I will give you an in depth one on one traingin on how to use showit. I want you to feel empowered to make changes to your own website moving forward. This training is recorded for you to access forever!

I'm ready for this

This process is a 10 week process. Every step of the way has been thoughtfully curated and  mapped out so that we can build a full brand experience for you business.

since the bespoke experience is truly customized for YOU, custom quotes are provided upon request

let's do this

see what others are saying...

- Brad, right as rain reiki

-amanda, exploring amanda

- KATE, Coconut kate

Brooke was a dream to work with! She was patient and thoughtful from start to finish. I truly appreciated all the personal touches she integrated into my site and also in our communications. She is extremely talented and I have had amazing feedback from people about my new site. I'm sooo happy I chose Brooke for this project!

Working with Brooke is an absolute dream! From our very first meeting, I knew I was in good hands. She is incredibly knowledgable and excited about the work she does, which gave me so much confidence in having her by my side as the branding magician she is. Her communication and flexibility along the way were absolutely top notch. If you are in need of a fresh and original look for your business, Brooke has the talent, the heart, and the skills to make it happen for you!

My website is not only completely revamped, but because of that, I am bringing in more sales, + more clicks than ever before. 1,000,000% move forward with hiring Brooke, I tell all my friends, and now I’m telling you!! So now, the only question that I have for you, is why are you still reading this review?!?! Go, it will be the best decision you can make for your business!!

- alex, redburd creative

- jacqueline, jmkmedia

- Kelly, Caffeine With Kelly

BROOKE!!! Your guidance and teaching has helped me learn so much in the ShowIt platform! I just updated my website with grace and ease and that ALL BECAUSE OF YOUR GUIDANCE!

There were several times where I was so conflicted about what direction I wanted to go and she was super supportive in helping me navigate the way to go. When it came down to revisions, I had a specific vision for what I wanted the branding to look like and she BROUGHT IT LIFE BABY. I am absolutely in LOVE with the branding we did for this and I can't wait to put it on LITERALLY EVERYTHING. 

Brooke was a dream to work with! She was patient and thoughtful from start to finish. I truly appreciated all the personal touches she integrated into my site and also in our communications. She is extremely talented and I have had amazing feedback from people about my new site. I'm sooo happy I chose Brooke for this project!

HI, I'm brooke

I live with my head in the clouds and have no plans to come back down.

I’m your mindful web designer who wants to show the world the true you through your web design and branding! I'm also multi-passionate AF, just like you! I'm a published makeup artist, a podcaster, and am pursuing sharing mindfulness practices to help other live their best lives!


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NOPE. That's the beauty of Showit and a very large reason I choose to design in it. 

Showit is incredibly easy to use and completely drag and drop. Meaning, no coding required. Once we are done working together, I will record an entire tutorial video as part of your hand off package that teaches you how to make any updates to your website that you want. I want you to feel fully empowered once we are done working together. Not only will you be leaving with a website you are going to want to scream from the roof tops about, but you will also have the tools needed to be able to edit it anytime you want. Got an itch to swap your brand photos at 3AM because you are just obsessed with the new photos? No prob, It's as easy as uploading the new photo and double clicking! Updated. In. Minutes!


WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A the bespoke design experience and WEBSITE IN A WEEK?

In short, website in a week is semi-custom and the bespoke package is purely custom through and through. 

In Website in a week you will pick one of my mindfully created website templates and I will redesign it to be the website of your dreams within a week for you so that you can show up as the authority in you biz that you know you are.  You'v e seen some success in your business, but you know having an aligned website that shows off your personality AND brand is what you need to take your business to the next level. You're ready to embody your CEO self and I am here to help you achieve it!

People buy from people, so in BOTH services I truly spend  time getting to know you and your business so that I can craft a website that is completely authentic to you and embodies you through and through.

However, in the Bespoke Package, we dive even deeper!  The Bespoke Experience is meant for the multi-passionate entrepreneur. You are seasoned in your business and you know exactly who you are and what you want. You love to do it all and you don't have just one service or product to show off.  YOU. NEED. MORE. You balance a lot on your plate and you're proud AF of all of it.  This experience is meant to build a visual foundation for your EMPIRE.  We start at the roots of your business and craft your aligned branding that includes messaging, logos, color palette, the whole enchilada. Then we build a website that houses it all for you. All of your services, your courses, your podcast, your blog, your shop, whatever you need!


LEARN MORE ABOUT website in a week



Design is my thing, its my JAM! So, even though you may not have the words or exact vision of how you want your site to look, letting me get to know you will give me insight to the vision you may not even know you have.  All of the pre-work that I have mindfully crafted while putting this offer together is meant to get the creative juices flowing and your answers to it all are so revealing to me from a design perspective. 

Also, this isn't a drop your kid off at day care type of experience. Web design is a collaboration. I will be doing the heavy lifting and taking care of all of the design work, but we will communicate through the entire process so that you can give me feedback in real time as I design throughout the week to ensure we are building a site you are completely obsessed with!


apply to work with me show up online with a leveled up site that embodies ALL of your business. The multi-passionate entrepreneurs DREAM.

so, let's get to work and i'll start creating a website that embodies YOU- so you can do what you do best and run. your. business.

you're ready

you're ready


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